2020. 4. 15.

Bird 2019

새  Bird
Human hair, DC motor, Plastic objects, Stainless steel, Electronics, sensor
13(W) x 17(D) x 37(H) cm / 2019

2019. 11. 11.

Fountain with Red

Fountain with Red (2019)
stainless steel, water pump, red liquid, urethane paint / 53(w) x 18(d) x 42(h) (cm) / 2019

Machine with Pink

Machine with Pink
stainless steel, electronics, dc motor, silicone, urethane paint / 48(w) x 27(d) x 45(h) (cm) / 2019

2018. 11. 5.

It was beautiful

We wanted to talk about loss. The harsh reality instilled in people a feeling of alarm, a sense of tension or antagonism, causing us to develop despairing ideas about the society in which we live. It was like a battle with something that lacks any substance. It felt like losing something beautiful; it felt empty. We sensed how you can no longer return to the beautiful moments of the past. We wished to address the disappointment of a reality where we wish to return to a time before we developed our despairing and pessimistic views – but things do not go as we hope.

상실감에 대한 이야기를 하고 싶었다. 냉혹한 현실은 사람에 대한 경계심이나 긴장감 혹은 적대감을 가지게 하고 내가 살고 있는 사회에 대해 절망적 시각을 가지게 했다. 실체가 없는 대상과의 싸움 같았다. 뭔가 아름다운 것을 잃어버린 기분이 들었다. 공허했다. 예전의 아름다웠던 순간으로 돌아갈 수 없음을 느꼈다. 절망적이고 비관적인 시각을 갖기 전으로 돌아가고 싶지만 뜻대로 되지 않는 현실에 대한 안타까움을 이야기하고 싶었다.  

It was beautiful
Branch, DC motor, Aluminum, Steel, Electronics, sensor
400(W) x 400(D) x 260(H) cm / 2018


One time, a bird got in through a crack in our roof. I could hear the fluttering of its wings in the cramped rooftop space. Although it was a narrow crack in the roof formed by age, the bird continued flapping its wings for several days, perhaps still believing it could fly. After a few days, I could not hear the bird’s wings any longer. Did the bird die? Or did it survive and escape? I hear the sounds of a struggle to live.

언젠가 지붕 틈 사이로 새가 들어온 적이 있다. 지붕 속 좁은 공간에서 푸드득 날갯짓 소리가 들려왔다. 지붕이 낡아 어쩌다 생긴 좁은 틈이었음에도 불구하고 여전히 날 수 있다는 생각을 하는지 며칠을 날갯짓을 했다. 며칠이 지나고 새의 날갯짓 소리는 더 이상 나지 않았다. 그 새는 죽었을까. 아니면 무사히 살아서 나갔을까. 살려고 버둥거리는 소리가 들린다.
kinetic sculpture
kinetic sculpture
kinetic sculpture

새  Bird
Human hair, DC motor, Cement, Stainless steel, Electronics, sensor
12(W) x 12(D) x 16(H) cm / 2018

2017. 11. 8.

Machine With Hair Caught In It (2017)

kinetic art, kinetic sculpture
Machine with Hair Caught in It (2017)
stainless steel, electronics, dc motor, human hair, chain / 80(cm) x 80(cm) x 48(cm) / 2017

Homo Capitalicus

Homo Capitalicus
stainless steel, electronics, Wifi module, dc motor, human hair, Cement, Stock market data, sensor/ 80(cm) x 65(cm) x 185(cm) / 2016

2017. 7. 6.

Red Lighting Machine (2017)

kinetic art, kinetic sculpture

Red Lighting Machine
Steel, Aluminum, Electronics, DC motor, Light / 190(cm) x 230(cm) x 88.5(cm) / Rail 1200(cm) x 60(cm) / 2017

2015. 11. 6.

Machine with Hair Caught in It (2015) 머리카락 끼인 기계

kinetic art, kinetic sculpture

Machine with Hair Caught in It
stainless steel, electronics, dc motor, human hair, sensor / 45(cm) x 28(cm) x 73(cm) / 2015

2014. 11. 16.

Father 2014

Father  2014
Polyurethane on Plywood, Balsa Wood, Electronics, LED, Speaker
110(cm)x110(cm)x91(cm) / 2014

2012. 11. 5.

Silence of the wolf_Secret keeping machine 2012

kinetic art, kinetic sculpture

Silence of the wolf_Secret keeping machine
stainless steel, electronics, dc motor, micro dc motor, mdf, cement, acryl, sensor / 65(cm) x 65(cm) x 220(cm) / 2012

2011. 8. 26.

The Dark Eating Machine 2011

Temptation of the Dancing Mask

kinetic art, kinetic sculpture

Dark Eating Machine_s  44X46X50(cm)

The dark Eating Machine - Temptation of the Dancing Mask
steel, micro processor, dc motor, servo motor, LED, burnt plywood 150(cm) x 350(cm) x 150(cm) / 2011