From the time tunnel,
that casts shadows to the way of moonlight
with scent of scarlet ocean
                             - Originators 1 and 2 -

Originators 1 and 2 present an engine series that operates through the use of present time as an energy source.
Designers of the Pinkroad, Originators 1 and 2 create fantasy machines controlled by real time. Their goal is to embody not only fantasies dreamed of within the mind, but also fantasies sustained within reality. For a long time, they have experimented with and investigated how it might be possible to prove the realization of fantasy.

A brief description of "Pinkroad" may be in order here. It refers, quite literally, to a pink-colored fantasy world. Created by Originators 1 and 2, Pinkroad is a world where reality and unreality exist simultaneously, realistically straddling the boundary between the two realms.
The instruments used to prove this are the mechanical devices dubbed the "Nice Engine," "Love Tower," and "Man of Iron." 

First, the Nice Engine is a fantasy-inducing device that emits dragon energy through a powerful piston motion, engendering imagination that is far removed from reality and leading into a world of fantasy. Controlled by real time, it might be called the first achievement of Originators 1 and 2.

Second, there is the Love Tower, a device that develops and amplifies love energy. The continued pumping motion of this engine’s tower produces a red pellet, which is none other than love energy. By continuously producing love energy, Originators 1 and 2 are anticipating the mysterious power unique to "love." This machine is also controlled by real time and proves a fantasy sustained in reality.

Third, there is the engine called the "Iron Man." This mechanical device provides the source energy needed for all the activities and changes of the metal formed in the world of iron. Operating at the core that moves the world of iron, this engine absorbs the present time and converts it into time energy.
Amid all of this, Originators 1 and 2 recently announced the detection of an energy similar to the signals that emanate from the entrance of the world. They also made mention of the possibility of contact with the entrance of the world. This detection of a concrete signal meant new animation for the studies of the world entrance detectors that have been underway over the years.

The World Entrance Detector is a device with a horn shooting out from inside, which has become cognizant of the world and seeks out its entrance. It is fitted with a steering device that either maintains or changes the course of the detector depending on the signals emanating from the world’s entrance, and it is designed with the goal of seeking out everything about the world’s entrance, from its presence to its position and form. Like the Nice Engine and Love Tower, it operates through the conversion of present time into energy.

In addition to these, Originators 1 and 2 have devoted themselves to research into realization of fantasy based on diagrams of a time-dependent smoke-making machine, a rainwater adjustment device made with a rain-soaked house, a dish-shattering machine, a tooth-structured device for chewing gum, a corporal punishment blow manipulation device called the "ruler’s sword," a crying machine, and a finger with a nervous mouth. The Dark Eating Machine, which is known to be currently under development, is made with a mask that summons darkness. It moves its numerous teeth in the dark, emitting powerful light to absorb the energy of the darkness. The dark energy that flows in the dark is absorbed by a powerful light source, and once enough has been accumulated that no more can be added, it forms a black hole. Originators 1 and 2 anticipate that it can serve as a channel connecting with another world.

Recently, Originators 1 and 2 are researching on a pillar they call Silence of the Wolf, a machine that protects the secrets of the world; a device that securely hides the secrets of the days and nights

The following is an excerpt from a conversation between Originators 1 and 2.

Originator1: It is kind of a childish idea.
Originator2: It's ok. Just tell us about the childish story.
Originator1: The dreaming fantasy floating in my head is nothing more than my imagination, but a fantasy has to be always put into practice.
Originator2: Yes. You're right. We need a tool for proving the actualization of fantasies. The fantasy practiced in reality also has to be matched with the circulation of real time. To keep the fantasy in the real, time is the essential condition. It helps prove the materialization of the fantasy.
Originator1: Yes, it does. I first tried to make a 24-hour video using a type of 24-hour acting scenario. I started this work from my personal curiosity about the 24 hours where one freely thinks of oneself and then presents it in a video. But, as creating the type of 24-hour scenario set in a virtual reality is merely a process of artificial manufacturing based on the imagination, I thought that this was a rather efficient way to make a fantasy controlled by real time.
Originator2: Yes. I agree. I also think it is the creation of a slice of an idea when one withdraws the concept of time from the work. But, if you put it inside the continually circulating rules of reality, then it would become a live imagination. 
Originator1: We are not trying to make a strange clock or to make a study of time, we are simply trying to put a fantasy into practice.
Originator2: Yes. You're right. It is our direction to realize an imagination that is controlled by time in reality. In addition, the work does not tell the time in a clear sense. It looks like something more naive.
Originator2: But it doesn't look idiotic.
Originator1: Do you think so?
Originator2: Yes, I would say that.